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Two Stamps, One Ocean, and Lots of Memories

One of the many blessings of having older siblings is that over the years I have inherited friends through my sisters. Today memories flooded back of my days in Thailand when I was in highschool and through my oldest sister I met Alex M( he had been in college with my sister in Minnesota) in the mid to late 90’s .

One day I was posting things on Facebook Marketplace and I got distracted and looked at my Facebook feed. I got sucked into Facebook, something that I don't want to happen! I prefer handwritten communication or if I am going to do social media it is posting beautiful things on Instagram. However, at the beginning of October as I was scrolling through my feed and I noticed a post from Alex M. I decided that I would send him a direct message. I knew that I wanted to reconnect with him but on a more genuine level than a typed Facebook message. Therefore, I wrote to him and asked him if we could reconnect but over snail mail, phone, or email(in order of my favorite way to communicate with people not local). I added in parenthesis that, “snail mail was my favorite.” As I sent the message, my heart was thinking,” It would mean so much to reconnect via snail mail but time will tell. I don’t even know where Alex lives now and if he has the time or interest in hand writing a letter to me.”

A few weeks passed and I went to my post office box. My heart burst with curiosity when I received a beautiful envelope that had Cote D'Ivoire stamps on it. Instantly my rolodex of names raced through my head. Being a TCK(more about that in my blog Being A TCK and Staying Connected, means that my rolodex is huge and I was stumped this time!

Without wasting any time I opened the envelope and my eyes instantly scrolled to the bottom which read, “ Warm regards, Alex.” I can’t express in words how special it is to me to reconnect with people via a handwritten letter or card! I now have a penpal in Cote D’Ivoire and yes I did go right home and write Alex a handwritten letter. I look forward to heading to the post office to post it in the mail. The distance between Alex and I is vast but thanks to the handwritten letter my heart feels connected to all the good memories we shared in Bangkok, Thailand. I look forward to receiving more letters and hearing about this stage of Alex's life.

I hope this blog inspires you to send a card to someone you haven’t been in touch with in awhile. Head over to for an array of cards to purchase. Make someone's day one card at a time!

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