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Oh I Go Walkin'

Have you ever heard Patsy Cline’s song “Walkin’ After Midnight?” If you are not familiar with this song here are some of the lyrics:

“I go out walkin' after midnight

Out in the moonlight

Just like we used to do, I'm always walkin'

After midnight, searchin' for you.”

As this song hints, the person goes walking after midnight in the moonlight searching for you. Who or what does “you” symbolize to you?

Some people may view “ you” as another person but to me searching for “you” symbolizes finding my creative ideas. Walking, whether it is under the moonlight or under the sunlight is the time when my brain is on fire and my ideas come to be. As I walk, all of my senses are aware of my surroundings and I often stop to smell a flower, connect with another human being, or take a picture of beautiful sights. All of these moments are inspiration that I use later for creating.

When I was a teacher I taught a toddler exploration class for 18 month old to 24 month old children. At the time I lived in San Francisco, California which as you may know is a beautiful city to explore by foot. I walked to work, took a walk after my lunch break, and then walked home after work. During some of these walks, I would go into stores and wander the aisles for inspiration.

One day I found a wooden massage roller and the way my mind worked was to think: “ Hmmm how could I use this item with my toddler students? Well, it has a lot of textures (so it's a sensory experience which some toddlers love) and it moves( infants love things that move) so I wonder what would happen if I incorporated paint? Tada! I now have a provocation( a set up to provoke one’s learning) for my class."

I invite you to take a walk under the moonlight, or the sunlight and see how moving your body drives or makes your creative juices flow.

Do you have any questions or comments? Please share below.

Photo credit: @anyadarucards

Thrift stores I like supporting include: The Goodwill, Salvation Army or Urban University (@urbanuniversityoakland). Urban University is great because it is a non-profit that helps unhoused single mothers to train, find jobs, housing, and care.

Song credit: Thank you to @teacherbarbmusic for introducing me to Walkin After Midnight

***Stay tuned for further baby class ideas/inspiration as I finalize my latest art kit website)***

Don't forget to take a walk and find inspiration to be creative today and everyday!

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