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I See You!

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

April 13, 2022

Take a moment to reflect on what this means to you or brings up for you.

One day as I walked in my neighborhood of Alameda, California I came across this mailbox. As usual I stopped to enjoy its beauty and photograph the mailbox. If you are just getting to know me, one thing is that I love to capture beautiful sights because I speak through beautiful things.

As I admired the mailbox, in my mind the words, " I see you" kept repeating themselves.

Fast forward several months, I was photographing beautiful passion flowers next to this mailbox. I noticed a man watching me quietly almost as if he was saying, "I see you." When he made eye contact with me I complimented the passion flowers and the mailbox. The gentleman shared that his wife, Jessica( name changed due to confidentiality) had passed and these were the flowers she planted and the mailbox she painted. Right away I saw him and he saw me. I felt his pain even though he lost his spouse and I lost my parents. We shared "heart" about our losses and parted our ways.

As I walked home I knew I wanted to connect more with him so I immediately made him a sympathy card, which I also like to call " a keep the memories alive card." I realized we didn't even exchange names so I addressed the envelope: " To Jessica's best man."

This is just one story about the power of being open and present because you never know what connections you will make. The beautiful passion flowers, a hand painted mailbox, the loss of loved ones, and a homemade card brought two strangers together. Two strangers who are now supporting each other in this thing called life.

I'd love that hear what," I see you" means or brings up for you so please share below. I also invite you to let someone know you see them by sending them a card from Anyadarucards.

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Sabina Vogt
Sabina Vogt
14. Mai 2022

This story warms my heart! I believe you moved to Alameda to make those human connections with people, and now you are reminding us. In this fast-paced world, people need to stop, look around, connect and learn. The universe brings people together when they are meant to, and those meetings happen to teach us about life. I'm missing that now.

Gefällt mir
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