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Where Does Your Creativity Stem From?

May 6, 2022

Can you remember one of your earliest creative experiences as a child? I invite you to ponder this question for a few minutes. Now how have these experiences carried over and/or fostered your creativity as an adult?

A while ago I came across this mural in the Dimond District of Oakland, California.

I give my sincere admiration to Robin Gibson( IG @ robinologie) for this marvelous mural. Robin titlied this mural Skip. It is important to share that this mural is my favorite mural that I have come across thus far in the Bay Area!

As I admired the mural and photographed it (by the way it is hard to get it all in a picture because it spans a huge building and continues on a door around the corner. I was also fortunate enough to be there when cars weren’t parked in front.) I was brought back to my childhood for a few minutes of time. When I was 4-12 years old I lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My first best friend Melina (3 years old) and I (4 years old) would play on our back patio underneath a makeshift roof of the most vibrant fuchsia colored Bougainvillea flowers. As we looked up we could barely see the blue sky and the clouds floating by. Melina and I spent endless hours playing creatively. We didn’t need toys to entertain us. Instead sticks, leaves, flowers petals, dirt, and water were our toys. Nature was our playground and its gifts were our canvas that brought out our creativity. As Richard Louv states, “ Nature inspires creativity in a child by demanding visualization and full use of the senses.” I truly believe that my passion for flowers, being in nature, and being creative as an adult stem from my early experiences like the one above. My inspiration and my motive for making cards (IG @Anyadarucards) stem from my desire to stay creative, to stay connected with nature, and to stay in touch with those who make my heart tick. I invite you to open this door

and to do something creative today and everyday!

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