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Love/ Kwamrak/ Amour/Inme (with an accent on the 'e')

We often express our love for people in our lives. If asked, “ Who do you love?’ I can, in a short amount of time, compile this long list of people. I wouldn’t number the list because that would be incredibly challenging and what purpose would that serve.

I invite you to do this activity now before reading further!

“Who do you love?”

Now as you look back on your list I wonder if you added yourself? I’m a firm believer in self-love. We must love ourselves before we can fully love others. Whether your name made it on your list or if it didn’t please take this opportunity to ask yourself, “What do I love about myself?” Some people may view this as narcissistic but I view it from a humble perspective. Questions such as : “ What do I love about myself? How can I grow and love myself more so that I can love others?” pop into my head.

You may be familiar with the activity “She loves me, she loves me not” that involves picking off flower petals as the verses above are spoken. I invite you to try another version, a more dated and inclusive version, of this activity.

Pick a flower (daisies like the one pictured above work great but I encourage you to seek a flower with lots of petals) and recite out loud, “ She/he/they ( or whichever pronoun suits you) loves me” over and over again until there are no more petals left on the daisy flower. Another version is to repeat “ I love me “ over and over until all the petals are off the flower. What a beautiful affirmation for self love this activity is! A further challenge is to be specific and state out loud why you love yourself. If you are a journaler, record your words(don't forget to date it) of self love or if you are a card writer, write yourself a card(also don't forget to date it). Part of self love is looking back and seeing how much one has grown. If you are not familiar with Leo Buscaglia's book, Love, I highly suggest you read it now! I leave you with some of his words wisdom: ” To love others you must first love yourself.”

Comment below how to say “Love” in your language or " What do you love about yourself?"

The title of this blog is "Love" written in: English, Thai, French, and Creole which represent the languages of my household.

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Love Rock gifted from a student in 2006-07 from Ten Thousand Villages, Brookline, Massachusetts

Love picture taken in Alameda, California by @Anyadarucards

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