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Celebrating Graduates and Influential People in Our Lives

May 20, 2022

It’s that time of year for graduations. In America it seems like there are graduations for every age group ranging from daycare to PH D levels of education. Here I am with my Daddy at my high school graduation(1996) from the International School of Bangkok,Thailand.

To all you graduates, whatever age you may be, I would like to invite you to think of one teacher who made an impact on you as a person today. If it’s too hard to choose one then choose multiple ones. What was it that made this teacher/s stick out to you and for you to remember that teacher/s till this day?

For me the teacher who impacted my life, and to this day I count my blessings and offer gratitude for is Mrs. Mullen. When I was in Middle School(Junior High in America), I was an unorganized 11 - 12 year old who was trying to figure out my academics. Let’s just say I was overwhelmed, to keep it real! Mrs. Mullen modeled and taught me the gift of being organized. I can still picture the white binder, the colorful array of binder tabs and my favorite: the variety of colored highlighters! Once I knew the tricks I was able to accomplish more and be more effective with my time in school and outside school. I started noticing my organizational skills applying to other parts of my life.

If you are out there reading this, Mrs Mullen, thank you for teaching me those important life skills. You will be happy to know that I love organizing spaces, places, and things and I often ponder whether I should pursue organizing professionally.

Back to you graduates, please take some time to express your gratitude toward “that teacher.” Write them a note or send them a card and if they are like me, I still have and treasure and have those cards given to me by my students years later!

Graduates, just like Dr Seuss said, “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” Congratulations on all your hard work! Parents, family, and friends please also take this opportunity to celebrate your graduates’ accomplishments by sending them a card from Cards will be released onto my website over the weekend.

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